The bridge from middle school to high school is a crucial time for students and can dictate the course of a child’s future success.

Stand for Children firmly believes that every child should have the tools and support to succeed in high school and, therefore, be positioned to succeed in life. With this, Stand has developed the Graduate Positioned for Success (GPS) program. GPS is a research-informed, family engagement package that seeks to empower parents with the skills and knowledge they need to help position their child for success.

The GPS program consists of a series of thought-provoking workshops, activities, resources, and events.

Our research‑informed workshops are engaging for adult-learners, and include topics such as: 8th grade rising, 9th grade success, tenacity programming, FAFSA, the finances of college, and how to leverage summer for success.

Workshops can be customized and developed to meet the needs of the school or community.

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